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Thank You

Congratulations and Welcome to Profit Plan Plus. 

Please Check Your Email. Our System Has Sent You Instructions On How To Access The Profit Plan Plus Members Only Site. If You Don't See Your Login Details, Please Check Your Spam Folder. If You Still Can't Find The Email Send An Email To We've Added The Setup Instructions For Your Google Local Ranking System Below. This Video Can Also Be Found Inside The Members Site. All Of Your Bonuses Are Also Inside Of Your Member Site. We Know That Profit Plan Plus Will Help You Grow Your Business

You've completed step one you're now a prospective member. Step 2. Let's start the process of moving your business higher in the local search page results. We'll need some detailed information about your business.

Please watch the short explainer video for instructions.

Summary of Setup Information Needed:

  1. Please send an email to: info@profitplanplus with the subject: Registration
  2. Include one or two paragraphs about your business and services that you provide
  3. Include your address, telephone, email and any other methods that your customers contact you
  4. Provide 10 keyword phrases that your customers enter into search engines to find your business examples:
    1. Chiropractor, Blaine, Washington
    2. Beauty Salon, Blaine Washington
    3. Hair Tinting, Blaine Washington
    4. Personal Yoga Instructors, Blaine Washington
    5. Fitness Center, Blaine
    6. Day Spa near me

The above are examples only. Use your best judgement on what your clientes, patients use to locate a business that offer your services.

Once you've written that submit it to  

Now It's Time To Place Your Product Order

You'll be contacted by a Profit Plan Plus representative to place your 10 unit product order.

Orders can be placed using either Visa, Mastercard or Discovery. 

Note: Our team will not commence the programming of your local search software until we've received confirmation that your product order has been placed.